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Internships and Practicuum

We welcome students from colleges and universities in the Global North

interested in fulfilling their practicum requirements in public health, social work,

education, or related field. Students must be funded by a college or university

grant or can be self-funded or crowd-funded after prior approval by Global Public

Health Linkages, Inc by December 31 for the Spring Semester; May 31 for the

Summer Session; or July 31 for the Fall Semester. Internships can range in length

from two weeks to twelve weeks. We support reciprocal arrangements

with colleges and universities where students from the Global South can spend an

internship in the Global North through a grant, self-funding, or crowd funding

including GoFundMe campaigns with prior approval.

Spring Internship (Remote) Apply Here

Students and adults of whatever age and persuasion are encouraged to

experience the world through the eyes of their fellow citizens in the Global South through a 14 day Global Ambassador service trip. Whether it is to fulfill a lifelong dream of traveling to Africa, complete a bucket list, you are invited to participate in a service project and experience an excursion to a tourist site that allow you to dive into a new culture, and learn more about Africa. This is an experience of a lifetime!Global Public Health Linkages supports crowdfunding for these trips as well as GoFundMe campaigns with prior approval.

Global Public Health AmbassadoR

Short Term Mission Trips

Churches interested in sending short term mission teams on 10 – 14 day trips to

Uganda and Ghana are encouraged to put together teams of no more than 4 – 6

each, to travel to the Global South to learn about the history of Christianity in

Uganda or Ghana, partner with a local church, and carry out community service

projects.Each team will be required to go through a one day training (in person or

by video link) in February for a trip planned for the Summer (June, July or August),

in May for a trip planned for the Fall (September, October, or November);

or in September for a trip planned for the Winter (January, February and March).

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